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Bringing the Radiance of Raw Gems to the World

Shueisha Games:
Polishing the raw gems of human ingenuity into brilliant ideas,
delivering their radiance to the world.


for Creator/Creative


Keeping the Creator's Perspective in Mind, Going Beyond the Creator's Perspective


Embracing the Unknown. Betting on Bold Ideas.


Finding Answers Within Gameplay

for Colleague


Fearlessly Embracing Failure, Harnessing Lessons Learned


Believing in One's Own Talents


Embracing Sharpness with Rounded Communication


Document Screening

We will conduct document screening by our HR and department representatives. Depending on the position, there may be interviews conducted.

First & Second Interviews

You will meet with HR, department representatives, and managers (the number of meetings and interviewers may vary depending on the position).

One-day Job Trial

To bridge the gap after joining the company, we will mutually confirm if the actual work and communication are a good fit. Lastly, you will prepare a presentation about yourself for the staff.

Executive Interview

You will have a meeting with executives. If you receive a job offer, we will conduct an offer meeting.


To deliver exceptional games to the world, Shueisha Games is currently seeking partners to work together. Why not join us in the challenge of creating unforgettable games that will last a lifetime?

Global Marketing

Global Marketing

Global Marketing Position – North America/Europe

You will be responsible for promoting game titles developed by Shueisha Games, with a focus on North America and Europe. Working closely with producers, title promotion staff, and external partner companies, you will be in charge of devising and executing promotional strategies using various methods such as web, social media, mass media, and events.
Specific job responsibilities include
  • Planning and executing promotional strategies for North America and Europe (utilizing various methods including web, social media, mass media, events, etc.)
  • Designing and managing advertising budgets for overseas markets
  • Developing relationships with PR agencies in North America and Europe and handling related tasks
  • Researching and analyzing user trends and competitors, verifying cost-effectiveness of implemented strategies
  • Collecting PR ideas using various tools and incorporating them into promotional campaigns
  • Overseeing community management through platforms like Steam/Discord
  • Collaborating with the PR team to create press releases and other materials
Ideal candidate traits
  • Strong interest in entertainment content, including games
  • Balanced logical thinking and interpersonal empathy
  • Effective communication skills for coordination between teams
  • Motivated to grow and learn
  • Ability to enjoy work
Required skills
  • Proficiency in Japanese language to comfortably work in a Japanese language environment (native-level Japanese proficiency is not necessary, but internal communication is primarily conducted in Japanese)
  • Over 5 years of professional work experience
  • Experience in marketing/promotion practices
  • Experience in planning and executing online/offline campaign strategies
Desired skills/experience
  • Experience in marketing/promotion practices in the gaming industry
  • Experience in planning and devising promotion strategies for entertainment apps and digital services
  • Experience in promoting on the Steam platform
Work location
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (remote work is possible)
Employment type
Full-time/Contract employee


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